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Poetry and writing are integral parts of my visual process.

My writtings and poems are an exploration of space, place, fragmented memories, and ruminating on the loss of the sense of home. “I am interested in the in betweens; the place where sand meets sky, sky meets water, and our interactions with vast bodies of nature and water. My interest in language stems from constant exploration of  philosophy and language and an admiration of the works of Gaston Bachelard and Martin Heidegger.”

This spring Motaboli will have three short poems titled Vastness, to Yonder, and The Speculative fiction featured in Northeastern Illinois University’s SEEDS Literary and Visual Arts Journal.


This spring Abena Motaboli has three poems published With Northeastern Illinois University's Literary & Visual Arts Journal titled SEEDS. p132-136

SEEDS is a yearly publication produced by a community-focused organization. They publish poetry, prose, fiction/non-fiction, hybrid work, research, essay and visual art.


Art History

Tesserae is an art publication born in the time of COVID-19 as a place for up-and-coming scholars and artists to publish their research, experiences, interpretations, criticisms, statements, and more. The art world needs a safe space now more than ever for young creatives. Find some of my published poetry here.

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