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Testimonial ~

"Abena Motaboli not only gets students excited about learning, but she is also excited to learn from others. She always encourages you to dig deeper and this made me go a step further in experimenting with ideas during her virtual art course in summer 2021 at Garfield Park Conservatory. Abena’s teaching allows for critical thinking; her patience and listening skills brings out my philomath addiction and existing creative method in my madness for art form. I experiment weekly with natural teas, pigments, spices and herbs that result in  surprisingly visual variables. I could not be happier with her unique and methodical techniques as an artist, writer and educator. She inspires and motives. I think Abena has something very special to offer anyone who has the privilege of her instruction."


~Monica Bristol (completed Pigment Exploration course virtually, Garfield Park Conservatory)


Sustainable art making using pigments, tea, coffee & ephemeral material (CAA 2021)

I like to bring my use of tea, coffee, dirt, and earth material to different environments, contact me, lets talk more and do a workshop!

I offer one on one, group and organization setting workshops at different price points.