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My practice is performative, contemplative, and transformative. Influenced by

displacement, memories, and my home country Lesotho and Southern African

culture, I invite the audience to find the white spaces or a space to contemplate

in amidst the chaos which surrounds us in the modern world.

I allude to the immigrant experience and the African diaspora through

installation and sound work. I am intrigued with the idea of displacement and

trying to find comfort in being, through sound, installation, and space.


Other materials I use are ephemeral: tea, dirt, coffee, cardboard, charcoal, tissue,

and the earth. These mediums draw on my innate desire to connect with organic

and found material, which are widely used to make things in my culture.

The dynamic between hope and destruction visible in most of my paintings is

influenced by colonialism, the post apartheid era, and how toxic human relations

can be toward one another.

My  work then comments on the deterioration of the place we live in, socially

and environmentally yet there is hope.

In the studio

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