Abena Motaboli is a Chicago-based interdisciplinary artist, writer, educator, cultural worker. Her art practice is performative, contemplative, and transformative. Known for her intricate plastic installations and meditative line-work found in her paintings, she is Influenced by her home country Lesotho, and her Basotho and Ghanaian cultures. She uses a variety of ephemeral material such as plastic, tea, dirt, coffee, and charcoal to comment on displacement, past memories, and the culture of creating. 

Growing up in international communities, and being an immigrant, she is strongly influenced by the diversity of people, memories, displacement, the other, and ideas of human resilience seen through immigration. Through her written prose and poetry work, she explores these themes and uses them as a base for her sound and visual installations.

Her creative philosophy is to instill a sense of calm, tranquility, and hope in whoever encounters or collects her work. With the need to find quiet spaces amidst times of uncertainty, she invites the viewer to find a space to contemplate through installation or an abstract tea stain.

Her current exhibit with The Immigrant Artist Bienniale is live at She has exhibited her work in solo and group exhibits such as SOFA Chicago, Bhavan Gallery based in London, Fulton Street Collective, Woman Made Gallery, DIFFA Pop-Up Gold Coast Gallery, and Aqua Art Miami to name a few, her work is also placed in private collections throughout the U.S.



In the studio